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Quick F.A.Q. List:
The Voucher site says this "year long" membership expires in 6 months?
You have 6 months to activate your voucher number to activate your year long Access Membership. For example, if you bought a voucher number today, you have 6 months to enter your voucher number above, and complete the membership activation - then you will have excellent roadside assistance and peace of mind for 1 year from the activation.

Do you cover my area?
Yes. Access has an enormous towing network, partnered with thousands of reputable towing companies that covers all of Canada, and all of the USA. So, you will be covered on any trips from Vancouver to Florida.

What does an Advantage membership get me?
You can see the details of an Advantage membership here. You can add up to four vehicles: Cars, Trucks (up to 1 ton), Motorcycles.

What will my voucher number look like, when do I get it?
Your card number will look like this ACC012345678 - or, it could just be a 9 digit number. If you are having an issue, call us! 1-866-224-5989 toll free.

See our full FAQ here.

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